What is BRIDGES?

Bridges is a PTA program that organizes on and off campus community service activities for JMIS students throughout the school year. Events and projects are organized by the Bridges Chair, parents and teachers. JM CORE teachers administer the program and use students’ volunteer experiences in classroom work. Students can earn extra credit either by participating in Bridges activities or by volunteering independently with other community organizations.

JMIS students can choose from on-campus lunchtime projects (to be announced) and off-campus events and projects.  On-campus opportunities will be offered occasionally and will be posted on the website.  Bridges also provides ideas for Independent Activities (not sponsored by Bridges) on the website. These activities should be organized between parent and student and an Independent Activity Form should be submitted. Bridges website to be updated soon…please be patient as our new Bridges parent volunteer gets up to speed!‚Äč

What are Service Awards?

Students may choose to work towards the President’s Volunteer Service Award which is awarded to those students performing 50 hours or more of qualifying service. Please refer to the Service Awards section on the Bridges website for more information.

Please contact Debbie Purcell for more information.  debbieApurcell@gmail.com

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