7th Grade Cotillion Dance Club



  • Friday September 23rd – Dance Basics
  • Friday October 14th – Disco Fever
  • Friday January 27th – 50’s Sock Hop (costume night)
  • Friday February 24th – Latin
  • Friday March 24th – County Western (costume night)
  • Friday April 28th– Grand Finale

All classes will be held in the JM gym in the evenings from 7:30pm - 9:00pm.

Any questions? Contact Kat Panos, katrin.panos@gmail.com or Holly Garcia, hollyg_rd@yahoo.com.



Students are to behave in an orderly manner.  Students will arrive promptly at 7:30pm and will NOT be allowed to enter after 7:40pm. Students will NOT be allowed to leave class until 9:00pm.  Parents, please pick up your student promptly at 9:00pm,  Rude or disorderly behavior will result in dismissal with no refund.  All school codes applying to school dances will be in effect.


Please Note: To uphold the spirit and purpose of the Cotillion Dance Club, parents are highly encouraged to have their students wear the recommended dance clothing listed below.  Students will not be excluded from participating in the Cotillion Dance Club unless their dress disrupts the dance program. 

Nice long pants, collar shirt, tie, dresses or skirts (finger tip length) and blouses. Shoes must have backs or back straps with low heels, OK to wear van’s or converse sneakers. 

Please avoid the following clothing:  knit shirts, jeans, leggings, athletic wear, t-shirts, and shorts. No sandals, hats, strapless, halter, spaghetti straps tops, slides or backless shoes.