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Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School’s hot lunch program, in partnership with Sodexo School Services, provides healthy, delicious, and economical food choices for our students and teachers. While providing each bright, young mind with the best lunch possible, Sodexo also aims to educate Joaquin Moraga Intermediate students about nutrition, utilize produce from Sodexo’s local and organic farmer partnerships, raise awareness of proper portioning, minimize food waste, and get kids excited about healthy, fresh food! A dedicated team of Sodexo employees and hard-working parent volunteers lead the hot lunch program.


Our hot lunch team is partnering with Sodexo, a food service management company, to further diversify our offerings and reduce our parent volunteer needs. Students will still enjoy the same high-quality, delicious, balanced meals they have come to love. Sodexo is the leader in contracted foodservice operations and is a leader in the K-12 Schools with over 40 years in the market. Sodexo has many local and organic farmers and food distributors and will incorporate these partnerships into the hot lunch program. Sodexo will also transition to onsite food preparations over the course of the school year which will allow for higher quality, fresher preparations than in the past and ultimately more variety. Sodexo also offers fun programs through the year like:

  • Future Chefs, where students submit recipes based on a theme. Selected recipes are then prepared in front of judges and peers. Winner will have recipe featured and served to the school. All participants will receive a chef jacket, Chef hat, Apron and other cooking related goodies.
  • A-Z salad bar, is a fun offering for elementary schools. From apples to zucchini - and everything in between - the A to Z Salad Bar is a fun and innovative way to teach kids about good nutrition.
  • Spotlight Farmers, where local farms and produce is spotlighted on variety bar.
  • Think CA, an ongoing commitment to utilizing local farms and produce within a 250 mile radius of Moraga (when applicable- Bananas don’t grow in CA unfortunately)
  • New Menu Tastings
  • Customer Perspective Feedback, providing students ability to review offerings from their perspective utilizing digital cameras for at the moment captures and direct 1 to 1 feedback and information sharing with Sodexo managers.
  • And other promotions throughout the year.


A lunch will consist of Entrée Item (per ordered selection), Trip to Variety Bar, and Milk. Additional items may be ordered (Smoothie, Baked goods, etc):



If you pre-ordered an entrée item, your child will be given their pre ordered entrée. Unlike in the past, your child will then be able to visit and choose at will, healthy options available in our “help-yourself” Variety Bar.


Variety Bar
If you ordered only the Variety Bar for your child, they will receive an empty plate (without an entrée) and will then fill it with their choice of items from the Variety Bar which includes a rotation of fresh & dried fruits, fresh & roasted vegetables, salads, and a selection of vegetarian proteins like hard-boiled eggs, legumes, cheeses, and yogurts. Your child will be able to fill their plate according to their preferences. 


Sides like smoothies and cookies can be pre ordered and added to any meal or purchased separately. Please note, buying just an “add-on” item is truly a la carte and does not grant your student access to the Entrée or Variety Bar. If you are planning on purchasing your student only an add-on, we recommend packing them a lunch from home.





As always, our hot lunch program relies on parent volunteers to sustain and improve our program. Our volunteer positions provide a fun opportunity to see your kids at lunch, meet new members of the Joaquin Moraga Intermediate community and give back to the school!  We are actively seeking volunteers for the 2019-2020 school year. Click here for more information and how to sign up.




Ordering lunches has never been easier!


Sodexo has partnered with BOONLI to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use online ordering system that allows Joaquin Moraga families to view our lunch menu, order, prepay and manage student lunches from their smartphone, tablet or computer.






  • Go To: - (please bookmark this page)
  • Click Create an Account: Password is: JM1
  • Enter information and click Submit
  • Enter information for your students, Add Profile. Repeat for any additional students
  • Click I’m Done and Sign In

PROGRAM INFO – (also available online once you are logged in to your account)

  • FOOD or POLICY (Missed/Late Orders, Credits, and Changes/Cancellations): email and they’ll get back to you right away.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT (help navigating the site): email
  • PAYMENT INFORMATION The program accepts payment by Debit Card or Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard & Discover.

Be sure to proceed to checkout and process your payment. Orders that are left in the shopping cart will NOT be processed and your student(s) will not be included in the lunch service.


Orders must be placed/cancelled three business days in advance! For example, orders for Thursday must be in by Monday.

Questions? Contact...

Hot Lunch Login Issues:  Michelle Abeloff-Connolly

Ordering System Support:

Hot Lunch Volunteering or any other issues:

JM PTA/Website Questions : Nanci Thomas







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