Yearbook Ordering Information

To order a JM yearbook please go to and use code 16629 to place your order. Yearbooks for 2018-2019 are $41. Like last year, all yearbooks will come with a foil name stamp on the cover. Please make sure to follow all directions and enter their name as you would like to see it on the cover and in the portrait section of the yearbook. The online ordering site will be open until the end of September and then orders can be placed by check. If you would prefer to order by check, please contact Ms. Lockett at
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Picture Day Information

JM is excited to announce that we are working with iclicksmiles for our school portrait photos.

JM Photo Day will be the second day of school, August 22nd.  Our new company will take photos of ALL students during their PE class before any payments come in. After the photo day, photos will be accessible by student code online and parents can choose to order photos AFTER photo day if they would like. We will send out specific information on ordering portrait photos closer to the photo day.

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