Independent Activity Guidelines

Independent activities must directly serve others, be humanitarian and charitable in nature. Activities performed on campus or at other District Schools can qualify, as can those accomplished through Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, National Charity Leagues, church/religious institutions and other charitable organizations.

Students may choose to work towards the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Please refer to the Service Awards section to left for further details. Bridges must approve and track Independent Activity hours for any student working towards a Service Award.

The student must complete and submit the Independent Activity Form for Service Awards. The completed form can be submitted to the JM office. Please note that a student may only receive service credit from one “certifying organization” for an activity.

Examples of qualifying activities include:

  • On campus activities such as working in the JM garden or other staff approved projects
  • Peer tutoring, WEB and SSA hours
  • Supervising an activity at one of the elementary schools’ carnivals or picnics
  • Providing other service hours at an elementary school, such as in the library or a classroom
  • Supervising an activity at the Moraga Pear Festival or other community event
  • Volunteering at a food pantry
  • Serving food at a soup kitchen
  • Sorting donations for a charitable organization
  • Volunteering at an area hospital
  • Working at a charitable fundraiser
  • Aiding in a Sunday school program or other religious institution program
  • Providing babysitting for a charitable organization (without payment)
  • Working with disadvantaged children or individuals with special needs
  • Reading to the elderly at a local assisted living facility or senior center
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter
  • Restoring the environment

This list is designed as a guideline for volunteers. The Bridges Program Director has final approval on qualifying activities and should be contacted in advance if there is any question as to the eligibility of an activity.

Please Note:

  • Because these independent activities are not organized by the JMPTA, the Moraga School District and JMPTA assume no liability, and therefore, parent permission slips are not required.
  • Students that wish to participate in an Independent Activity should coordinate directly with the contact person for the organization.
  • For optimum enjoyment and safety, we strongly recommend that student volunteers are accompanied by a supervising parent or guardian when participating in these activities.
  • To receive credit for your service hours, complete the Independent Activity Form, have it signed by a representative at the independent community service agency when you volunteer, and turn it in to the JM Office.


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