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Educate Our State, a statewide (CA) parent-led volunteer organization committed to improving public education in California, is collecting signatures to put an initiative on the November 2014 ballot. This initiative will return $7 billion every year in local property taxes back to schools, and will prohibit the State from taking schools' property taxes to pay its own debts. This Initiative is called the “Protection of Local Schools Revenue Act of 2014”.

This initiative raises no new taxes or fees, and will bring more transparency to school and state funding.

What can you do:

►Sign the petition to get this initiative on the ballot!


►Stay informed!

Many counties overstate the amount of property tax that goes to fund education on their websites, so voters cannot educate themselves about the issue.  In Contra Costa, 49% is shown but only 37% actually arrives. This inaccurate reporting exists in over a dozen major counties.

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